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I LOVE YOU AMY. Though I’m white so I don’t think I’m allowed to agree with this i’ll be seen as racist.

Bruh. Even if I was white, no way would I use POC because I’m too fucking lazy for that.
If you’re black, I’m calling you black.
If you’re Asian, I’m calling you Asian.
If you’re brown, I’m not even gonna bother looking into what you are.
Cause I’m fucking lazy. And I really don’t see how this can be considered racist. I really don’t care if people find it “offensive.” I think they’re just getting made for no good reason.


cute girlfiends being sassy together

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I really hate the term “Person of color.”

Sometimes, clouds have two sides, a dark and light, and a silver lining in between. It’s like a silver sandwich. So when life seems hard, take a bite out of the silver sandwich!

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I don’t know who you are, but you live really close to where I live.

17: Talk about someone you want to be friends with

There was this one girl in my English and Chorus classes, and I was like yo. She looks like Shay Mitchell but a lot younger, browner, and slightly less attractive. But yo. 
I ended up sitting next to her in like the 2nd half of the first semester, and I guess I talked to her a bit. Either for help or about chorus. 
I remember she laughed at me because I was complaining to a friend about how there’s barely enough room for us to “get into the music” on the risers and I started taking my jacket off like some stripper. Interpretive dancing. 
I guess she sorta thinks highly of me because we were on the same team for the Candide Jeopardy and we were like the power duo where she gets all the character quote and plot stuff and I get all the vocab words. We won. I overheard her talking about me and how we had awesome teamwork.
All in all, I think we’re more like acquaintances/classmates. We’re friends on facebook though.

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After not winning anything at the cosplay pagent at GaymerX2 (bullshit) I undertook the task of putting my Garrett cosplay on my mannequin.

So HERE have some epic detail shots!

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